10. February 2019
This white chicken chili is so delicious!! It's slightly sweet from the coconut milk, so it almost tastes like a curry soup, but it has the spiciness of a chili. You could also make this vegan by omitting the chicken...vegan friend approved! ; ) This chili was definitely the favorite at the Superbowl party!

23. January 2019
Simple egg salad recipe, perfect for breakfast or lunch. I love this recipe for breakfast as it helps save time on those busy mornings, while ensuring we are eating a healthy meal first thing in the morning. I triple the recipe to make a big enough batch to last most of the week.

02. May 2018
These oven baked fajitas are amazing, with that "charred" flavor you get in the restaurants. I like to make fajita bowls with the fajita mixture, not only are they less messy to eat, they are fewer carbs and include the many health benefits you get from quinoa!

29. April 2018
Quick, easy, and delicious tuna salad! So many options on how to eat it...add it to some sliced avocado, put some on sliced cucumbers/bell peppers/celery, or even load it onto a romaine leaf. If you aren't cutting out carbs, I like to add it some wholesome crackers/chips, or you can eat it as a normal tuna sandwich/wrap.

29. April 2018
It is so easy to make your own mayonnaise at home, free of preservatives, or any unwanted ingredients! You can also make a flavored mayo with just a few more ingredients.

18. April 2018
This tasty breakfast is super easy and fits into any healthy diet!

14. July 2017
This amazingly flavorful chicken salad is refreshing and filling! I love making this for easy lunches, especially for my husband to take to work, as he won't need to heat it up! This is good in pita pockets, as a wrap in a tortilla, or my personal favorite, wrapped in lettuce for a low carb meal.

03. June 2017
Delicious Mediterranean Chicken Quinoa Salad. This salad is packed with nutritional ingredients, to help fuel your day, and satisfy your hunger. This recipe is loaded with multiple sources of protein, from the chicken, to the quinoa, and the feta cheese. Along with healthy fats, multiple veggies, and carbs. This recipe is very versatile, allowing you to add or remove ingredients you do not like.