About Me


  • Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • Corrective Exercise Specialization - NASM
  • Senior Fitness Specialization - NASM
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialization - NASM

Training Focus: Corrective Exercise (fixing muscle imbalances to prevent injury & relieve pain), Weight Loss, Muscle Development, Endurance Training, Strength, Flexibility, Yoga & Pilates


Personal Bio: I was raised in a family where many of my loved ones suffered from diabetes (my father being the closest).  Learning about this illness at an early age made me realize the importance of diet and exercise, especially if I would continue to live a healthy life, without this illness effecting me personally.  Having this knowledge early on in life is what stemmed my lifelong interest and passion in fitness and nutrition.  I have always loved helping others and sharing my knowledge with those who are eager to learn it or I feel could really benefit from it.  I love improving people’s lives and helping them attain their fitness goals, by encouraging them to push themselves to the point they never thought possible.  


My training technique is based on a foundation of correcting imbalances throughout the body, while building strength, losing weight, and building confidence in yourself.  I dedicate myself to each session, ensuring my client’s needs are being met, by modifying exercise routines to fit their bodies needs and abilities.  Each session is tailored to how you are feeling that specific day, to encourage you to be as productive in the workout as you can, without feeling like you cannot finish, leaving you with the confidence you needed for the day, "I totally killed that workout!".


"Stop dreaming of what you want to look and feel like, and start working for it!  Dreams can be achieved with hard work and dedication!"