Personalized workout routines, for optimal overall fitness.

Personalized Routines

   Every body is different, and needs to be treated differently, especially when adding an exercise routine, and movements it may not be used to making.  Everyone has dysfunctions, which are known as imbalances in muscles.  Imbalances in muscles are created throughout our daily lives, using certain muscles more than others with repetitive motions, sitting postures, standing and even walking postures.  With these dysfunctions come pain, and the inability to put your body through specific movements.  This is where my routines come in.  Specialized for your body, to help you get results without injury, and reduce any pains you may be suffering from, associated with muscle imbalances.

   Each routine is created to fit the needs and abilities for each client, determined in the initial assessment. Everyone's body is different and requires special attention, ensuring the proper exercises are being added to the routines, to ensure optimal results are achieved. Each routine is created to build up weaknesses determined in the initial assessment, to create balance throughout the body.  Doing this helps reduce the chance of injury during workout routines, especially doing daily activities requiring the use of your weaker muscles.

   These routines are also created around previous injuries, or surgeries inhibiting your ability to do certain movements without injury. They are created to provide you with optimal physical health and balance throughout the body, allowing you to live your life.

What to Expect

    The initial session is a time to get to know each other, to understand what you expect from our sessions, what I expect from you, and I will explain how my routines work.  This initial session will also include an assessment, where I will evaluate body postures, to identify any muscle imbalances, which we will work on correcting during training sessions.  The results from this assessment will help me determine the best routine for your bodies needs, to get the best results, without injury, and reduce any pain you may have.  I will then take you through a session, demonstrating what I am expecting from you each session, and we can discuss any question(s) or concern(s) you may have.